“ A four day festival
for howling spirits
and curious minds

After 8 years at Glastonbury we launched the Beat Hotel as a brand in its own right. Following in the footsteps of the Beat generation into North Africa, we landed on the outskirts of Marrakech, where in the shadow of the Atlas mountains we launched the brand as a four day festival.

Gorilla own and produce this incredible international festival set in a 27-acre boutique resort and built around a labyrinth of swimming pools, palm trees and cacti. The Beat Hotel presents a long weekend of live music, DJs, one-off culinary collaborations and a talks programme featuring some of today’s great minds and voices. This continuation of our successful Glastonbury partnership with Kingdom Collective and Soulshakers represents some of our finest creative work to date.

Beat Hotel Marrakech

Beat Hotel Marrakech

2000 intl.
tickets sold

500 local
tickets sold

4 international

40 international